Dr. Joseph Ragaz

Medical Oncologist & Clinical Professor
Faculty of Medicine
School of Population & Public Health
The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Clinical Oncology Counseling, Research & Prevention:



“With over 35 years of research and clinical work in the oncology field, our mission is to provide a unique 'second opinion' consultancy offering current, clear and compelling answers to patients' questions about their cancer diagnosis and treatment - with two main paradigms evolving:

We are also committed to bringing the latest and most powerful information about efficient and effective breast cancer treatment to the medical fraternity and to advance the speed of oncology 'bench-to-clinics' interventions and treatment protocols.”

Joseph Ragaz, MD, FRCP[C], LRCS, MRCP [UK]
Clinical Professor, University of British Columbia & School of Population and Public Health
Medical Oncologist, Subspecialty: Breast Cancer,
July , 2022


In the increasingly-complex world of breast cancer, patients are drowning in data but often starved for information. Only when relevant data has been interpreted in the context of the diagnosis of each individual, will patients feel that they have enough information to make a decision. And when the decision may impact survival and quality of life, it is the interpretation and careful explanation of options based on relevant data that is key to delivering optimum care.

Oncology Counselling:

Because of the rising complexities of issues related to Breast Cancer, patients will increasingly require an informed 'second opinion' option. It is for this reason that in 2009 Dr. Ragaz and his team started the Vancouver-based Oncology Counselling Clinic with the main features Education, Research and Prevention of cancer. The main objective is to explain complex disease and therapy issues simply. In these activities, Dr. Ragaz interacts with the Medical community of the University of British Columbia, the BC Cancer Agency - the main British Columbia Cancer Centre - as well as with key opinion leaders of the International Oncology Community.

* Dr Ragaz is Academically active as a Clinical Professor, at the School of Population and Public Health [SPPH], University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, CANADA